Thanks for all the feedback on the previous Twist concept. It appears unanimous that dishes jumping to their death was a bit much. Here is the revised concept. You know the drill ... let me have it.


Diane Ellsworth said...

I like the first one, back away slowly. The green color draws your attention. Maybe you could say, "Just back away, back away slowly, from the brush!" That is what my kids are always saying (just back away, back away slowly). I don't think you need a picture of the product. You are building the namebrand of Twist.

The spoon needs to be a little more begging.

That's all I have to say about that!

Also Congratulations Steve!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I like these much better!! GREAT JOB!

I like the cowaring of the fork & spoon.


BECKY said...

I like these much better too, but I feel like they take to much thinking to 'get'. Love the wording at the bottom... it's clean. But I can't lie, they are hard for me 'get'... like I've never had a spoon bend... know what I'm saying? I LOVE the clean white background look though.