The Baby Project

It's done! Despite wanting to set fire to it on numerous occasions, The Baby Project is finally done. But to see it, you need jump over to the new home of Redsquare Design - untitled23.
Well, the time has come to move on to bigger and better things. With a little work, and a lot of stress, my new website is ready to roll. Check it out and tell me what you think (fyi - some of the pages aren't done yet). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Alright, you asked for it so you got it. Thank you everyone for all your help. Take a look at the idea and tell me what you think. It's got everything, a mattress that sits on a slide-out base for easy access to those terrible sheets, a fold-down changing table, and extra storage. Thanks again for your comments.

The Baby Project
Okay ladies, I need your help. I am working on a project to make motherhood more comfortable. So please tell me how to do it. Unfortunately, I can't fix morning sickness or labor pains (believe me, I wish I could). I am thinking more along the lines of cribs or changing tables; something that mothers use but wish it was more convenient, easier to use, or had multiple functions. In other words, what is the one tangible thing about motherhood you wish could be changed? Think of anything you want. Ask your friends, ask your family. I need all the ideas I can get!
Nature is just incredible. You have got to check out these images of nature in action, from the creative viewpoint of Urbanek Photography. I can't even tell what the images are of, but they blow my mind.

Thanks for all the feedback on the previous Twist concept. It appears unanimous that dishes jumping to their death was a bit much. Here is the revised concept. You know the drill ... let me have it.
On our week long escape to LA, my beautiful bride and I visited the MOCA. We were pleasantly surprised to find a gallery full of the work from one of my favorite artists - Mark Rothko. Even the simplest ideas can become beautiful. Creativity is often simplicity.
Hey guys. I need your help! Please give me some feedback on this new ad concept for Twist sponges ......... Okay, I'm ready. Let me have it.
Adobe really does work wonders!

Here for the giveaway? Welcome!
One of my favorite websites, Core77, introduced me to the LG Design the Future Competition. I figured I already have about 20 unfinished projects going, so what's one more? Hope you like it.
Creativity can flourish anywhere, by anyone. Check out this incredible interactive project to promote creative thinking.

Isn't it amazing how technology has grown and evolved? A professor introduced me recently to one of the newest forms of interactive technology - augmented reality. You have to check it out! However, in order for it to work, you'll need a webcam. Just imagine the creative possibilities!

Ya, I pretty much love it too.
Contact me for pricing.

So what are the odds? A few weeks after discrediting Twitter, I got assigned to work on a Twitter campaign for a final project. Here is an example of a print ad and an outdoor ad I did. Welcome to Twitterville!

I'd probably be the first to confess that I don't understand why twitter is so popular - but that's not the point. I recently came across a hilarious video about twitter and social networking. Check it out on YouTube. However, I must warn you, you may never look at social networking the same.

Creativity is all around us - sometimes in places you would never look to find it. I recently was introduced to an amazingly creative project from renown artist Harrell Fletcher. She has created an interactive website full of creative ways to learn more about yourself and those you love. There are currently 70 creative assignments. The Learning to Love You More project has spread creativity to the masses. Check it out. Participate. Create.

It seems every time I want to buy something really specific, I can't find it. So I usually have to make my own; in this case, a portfolio cover. That's what I love about creativity. Being creative allows you to make those little images in you head a reality.